Cosy Knitted Jumper: Baby Blue
Cosy Knitted Jumper: Baby Blue
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Cosy Knitted Jumper: Baby Blue

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These special edition Park Lane Pup hand-knitted jumpers are sure to keep your pup lovely and warm on your winter walkies!

  • Beautiful pastel shade
  • Thick and cosy to keep your pup warm!
  • Stretchy fit to suit lots of shapes
  • The PLP pug models in our photo wear an M (sleeves) S (no sleeves)
  • 4 Unique Sizes - Our cosy knits are super stretchy so below is the minimum un-stretched size of the jumper for the neck there is lots of room for stretch so if your dog is bigger than this neck size please don't worry it will stretch. For the chest is a minimum un-stretched measurement with a rough tolerance guide for stretch - if your dog is bigger than the maximum size on the chest there is still room to stretch this is just an average. As they are so stretchy it is hard to put an exact maximum on them.
  • (E.g. Small puppies, Chihuahua, Mini dach puppy)
  • S - LENGTH: 28CM CHEST:37-42CM NECK:30CM
  • (E.g.Small pugs, bigger chihuahuas, small mini dachshund adult, bigger puppies)
  • M- LENGTH: 33CM CHEST:40-52CM NECK: 32CM
  • (E.g. Pugs, longer mini dachshund adults, smaller frenchies)
  • (E.g. Frenchie adult, adult cavapoo/cockapoo etc)
  • (Sizes may vary slightly due to the hand-knitted nature of the items. Chest and neck sizes are an estimate only. The jumpers can stretch to fit lots of different shapes and sizes! Still need help with sizing? Email us at and we will be happy to help!)
  • Machine Washable On A Cold, Gentle Cycle